Adjustable Showerhead And Handheld

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Best Showerhead And Handheld

Showerhead and handheld – Handheld shower heads adjustable for bathing experience easier because you can direct the spray for easy rinsing. The shower heads are especially useful for taller individuals, people with mobility problems and others who may have difficulty standing and bathing in a conventional shower. Adjustable configurations provide a variety of spray options, depending on the manufacturer, including massage and rain. Adjustable shower heads are available in hardware stores and home and installed with a few simple tools.

Showerhead and handheld remove the existing shower head with adjustable wrench or pliers. If you plan to reuse the shower head, or replace it then wrap the tape or cloth around the part that screws into the tube to avoid scratching the shower head with the wrench or pliers. Clean the threads of the pipe exposed to remove debris and remove any old Teflon tape, around the threads.

Showerhead and handheld wrap a new layer of Teflon tape clockwise around the threads and about an inch to the unthreaded portion of the pipe. Typically this involves fixing one end of the hose to the shower head. Place the assembly aside. Screw the shower head in the shower pipe. The head of the shower head must have an attachment or base for the shower head and a hole for the shower hose.

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