Affordable Reclaimed Wood Bed Frame

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Modern Reclaimed Wood Bed Frame

Reclaimed wood bed frame – Wooden beds with decorative elements of wood add visual interest when reused in other furniture. Wooden beds last for years, but eventually finish can show signs of wear or style may become obsolete. An old wooden bed doesn’t have to go away, however. You can touch up bed to update it, or reuse frame for other decorative uses.

Reclaimed wood bed frame that are in good condition, but show signs of wear or are outdated they can be varnished to update them. For example, bleaching a wooden bench gives wood a romantic, rustic look. You can stain wood to darken first if necessary, and coat wood with paint milk or white spot.

Reclaimed wood bed frame can add a decorative touch of style to your landscape. Sand old paint and paint or stain wood to protect it from elements. Set bed frame in a flower bed at one edge of along a garden border or patio, and fill it with containers filled with plants or enclose frame with landscape timbers and plant directly into frame where mattress normally go. If bed has only a headboard, set a pot of wood same width as header using wood screws to create a decorative planter bank.

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