Antique Blanket Chest Ideas

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Ikea Blanket Boxes

Blanket chest is now available in antique design that does great to become storage furniture to complete bedroom designing and decorating. IKEA blanket boxes have been very popular since a very long period of time in featuring good quality of bedroom storage spaces. Just like what you can see on the photos of antique storage chest, there are plans that applicable to make much better bedroom spaces. Antique storage chest for bedroom especially to store blanket manufactured by IKEA is the very best based on contemporary trends.

It can do awesome with double functionality since you can use it as storage bench when you are sitting in your bedroom. There are also IKEA plastic containers that amazing in value of elegantly functional in making better spaces of bedroom. Pine and cedar are the very best primitive wood materials to become antique pieces of blanket chest designs. You can also build a blanket chest based on IKEA design and style that indeed very impressive in featuring much better bedroom spaces. Hope chest plans for antique blanket storage will make much better values that worthy based on your needs. Just choose among the available options but it is highly recommended to mind about significantly good looking furniture at high ranked values!

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