Antique Roll Top Desk For Living Room

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Antique Roll Top Desk Antwerp

An antique roll top desk is a sliding table with roll-top that can be closed in the work area and desk locked when not in use. The roll-top hatch of the table can be rolled up and down. Hatch is made of narrow strips of wood and glued to a flexible material such as a strong fabric or leather, with wooden slates along the slides or grooves attached to the top edge of the table.
Antique roll top desk is very popular in the 19th century, and are favored because they are highly functional table. This table is high in demand because they have various cubbyholes adjusted, drawers, and shelves within easy reach – and one could roll over and lock the important papers and documents when they are not using the table. People find them to be beneficial for employment and safe, and a large number of compartments are a good way to store things.
Some rolls antique roll top desk even came with a hidden compartment that special items can be stored out of sight. Antique roll top desk design evolved from three types of tables. The Carleton House table, table cylinder and drum table design all combined to make the roll top desk. Antique roll top desk is very popular in the nineteenth century.

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