Best Glass Shower Door Ideas

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Glass shower door ideas – Glass shower doors are popular in many bathrooms. They function as a shower curtain or plastic liner to keep the water contained inside the shower or tub. However, they are not the most private option. If your bathroom is shared and privacy is a concern, or if you just want to hide unsightly bottles of shampoo or soap bars guests, consider one of the various design options.

Glass shower door ideas add a little art to your bathroom with a sticker peel and stick. These can be found online or in your store window treatment room. Look scenes that coordinate occasion of his room. For example, if your bathroom is tropical in color and style, choose a sticker that features palm trees and sandy beaches. If your bathroom is inspired by the wine country, seeking an image depicting grapes on the vine or wine bottles with cork. Tattoos are also available in simple colors and patterns that will work with a bathroom more traditional decor.

A few hours with a brush may be all you need to create more privacy in your glass shower door ideas. To paint on glass, however, you will need to select a special paint designed for this surface. Before starting, thoroughly clean the surface of the door with an antibacterial cleaner to remove any mold or soap residue. Remove the door from its hinges and place it on a flat surface. Use sandpaper to lightly scrape fine-grained glass surface and prepare it for painting. Paint your favorite color or pattern on the glass door and let it dry before re hanging.

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