Black Parsons Dining Chair

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White Parsons Dining Chairs

A parsons dining chairs is a special type of upholstered dining chairs. The name has nothing to do with the clergy. Chair named for its origin – it was created in Paris in 1930, by a famous designer at Parsons School of Design.

When designing the seat parsons dining chairs is a designer Parsons School does not radically reinvent the idea of ​​a chair. Instead, the designers streamlined historical influences, kept what works, discard what does not, and created a timeless modern classic. The main characteristics of this – that naturalism, simplicity and linear appearance – is a hallmark of modernist classic, but the style reflects the 1800 Mission and Arts and style Crafts, Art Nouveau style that emerged later, and Art Deco contemporary at the same time the pastor of this chair design.

Initially, it was meant to be used in a set with parsons dining chairs, which looks linear reflects a similar aesthetic in a suitable seat. However, in a bit of irony, the simplicity of both has led to them being adapted separately into many styles of furniture and decoration. Result? Today, they are rarely seen together. The parsons dining chairs style is so adaptable that many pastors who have desks or chairs pastors do not know that there are companion pieces.


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