Build Your Wall Mounted Folding Desk

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Best Wall Mounted Folding Desk

Wall mounted folding desk – A folding table is a great way to add workspace to an area that lacks space. With a folding wall desktop, you can quickly have a work area for stationery, crafts and hobbies. With some basic carpentry skills can quickly build your wall mounted folding desk. Cut the desk out of wood MDF. Make the dimensions 106.6 cm (42 inches) wide and 76 cm (30 inches) deep. Sand the edges and the desk surface until smooth, then the stain with polyurethane stain. Set beside the desk and let it dry.
Install your hinges, parallel to the floor, 86 cm (34 inches) at the ground level on the wall mounted folding desk. The hinges should be 91 cm (36 inches) apart and installed so that open downward. Make sure the hinges are mounted so that screws into a pole, so that the hinges do not pull the wall. Install your eye hooks on the wall relearning of 91 cm (36 inches) above the hinges.
Make sure that screw into a stud in the wall. Install relearning eyebolts on top of the desk; offset 2.5 cm (1 inch) from the front corners. Screw the desk in the hinges. Leveling, then connect desktop eyebolts wall with chains. Add the latch hook and eye on the desk and the wall. When you do not use the desktop, double up and secure it with the pin.

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