Cal King Bed Frame: More Expensive!

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Black Cal King Bed Frame

Cal king bed frame – Humans have slept in beds for almost as long as they have been human. Until industrial revolution, they became as beds to needs of size of individual people and families. As an artifact of mass production, most mattresses available now come in standard sizes that meet design specifications of bed frames. Two of these sizes are king and California king.

Cal king bed frame were developed in 1980s to accommodate fact that average American is higher now than during industrial revolution. A California king bed is 84 inches long, but only 72 inches wide. Total area of ​​a California king is 6,048 square centimeters.

California king beds are also called “Western King.” Both names reflect fact that these beds are more common and more often made on West Coast of US although infrastructure of modern shipping means you can get one anywhere in world, California kings are easier to find on West Coast. None of these American sizes are commonly available outside North America.

Cost of a mattress is based on size and quality. Since they are very close in overall size, prices of a king and California king mattress brand and similar quality will be very similar. However, shipping costs can make a cal king bed frame more expensive if purchased on East Coast or in Midwest.

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