Clawfoot Tub Shower Conversion Kit

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Modern Clawfoot Tub Shower Conversion Kit

Clawfoot Tub Shower Conversion Kit – If you want to keep your claw foot tub, but want a shower, it is easy to set using one of the many conversion kits available. The most basic of these is a pipe that runs from the tap / valve assembly to the shower. Attached to this is a shower rod which surrounds the bath. The shower rod is suspended from the ceiling by special brackets that are easy to adjust, so that they can be attached to the studs.

Turn off the water supply for make clawfoot tub shower conversion kit. Remove the old cranes and crane. Install the new cranes and crane. The kit will most likely supply pipes for the water supply to bring the new crane. Install the shower pipe to the top of the tap/valve assembly.

Attach the shower curtain surrounded the shower pipe at around clawfoot tub shower conversion kit. Have a helper hold the shower rod while installing the brackets. Attach the hook-shaped portion of the shower water. Put tape plumber on the wires on the straight end of the hook-shaped pipe and screw into the top of the shower nozzle which can turn with the pipe wrench installed in Step 5. Put protect a cloth under the pipe wrench pipe to the shower. Fix the shower head on the hook pipe. Attach two shower curtains to fully surround the bath.

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