Convert A Tall Bed Frame Queen For A Queen Mattress

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Tall bed frame queen – About your full-size bed is an antique or new, you may find it a bit too small, especially if more than one person sleeping on it every night. If you want accommodation more space, but want to keep your bed, you can install a special converter kit that will allow you to use a queen-size mattress on your full-size headboard and footboard. A queen-size mattress is 6 inches wider and 4 inches longer than a full-size mattress that gives you a little extra space.

Convert a tall bed frame queen for a queen mattress, Look at your headboard and footboard to see if you bed rails Secure with bolts or hooks. Take your full size bed apart. Remove the mattress, box spring and rails.

Keep them if you think that someday, you can convert your bed back to a full size. Attach the converter kits rails for your headboard and footboard. If your rails have hooks, gently push them into the openings on the headboard and footboard until the change of place and feel sturdy.

Convert a tall bed frame queen for a queen mattress, Swing out the center support bars and secure them with the supplied clip. Adjust the central supporting bar sliding height, so that it is about 1/4 inch above the floor.

Adds two side brackets to each side rail, using the supplied hardware and pre-drilled holes on the rails. Place your queen-size box spring rail vehicles converter. Box spring will extend beyond the width of the headboard and footboard a few inches on each side; the four side brackets will hold it securely in place.

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