Convert Wood Daybed Frame Ideas

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Wood Daybed Frame Furniture

Wood daybed frame – Daybeds are a convenient solution for guest bedroom and children’s rooms because they can easily be transformed from a lounge to a bed. They are also an effective way for college students to save money on a sofa or love seat. If you want a day bed and a single bed at home, consider converting it to a daybed. You will save money and the process will take minimal time

Convert a wood daybed frame Ideas, Start with a mounted single bed. You need both a headboard and footboard for this project. Ideally, the headboard and footboard to be about the same height. Measure the distance from the headboard to the footboard of the single bed. You will attach two wooden planks or strips to create a robust backboard. You can buy two 1 inch boards from your local home improvement store and cut them to fit the back of the chaise. Make sure that the sheets are stained or painted a similar color as the head and footboards.

Convert a wood daybed frame Ideas, Attach the 1 with screws and a power screwdriver. The screw on each side of the board at the head or foot end with two screws. Be sure to drop the screw to a fixed part of the head or footboard.

When you have attached to the plank single bed, you have a chaise lounge. But to make the bed more comfortable seating area, you will need some large pillows. Line pillows along the plank in the sofa bed. After this project, you can use the sofa as a seating area during the day and sleeping at night. Just throw pillows on the floor when it comes time to go to bed.

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