Design Of Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain

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Elegant Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain

Clawfoot tub shower curtain – Unlike a conventional built-in shower / tub combination, for which only a straight curtain has to go all the way around the pool to prevent a clawfoot tub shower curtain to get water on the walls and floor. To do this, you need a curtain rod that extends all the way around the tub.

How to Make a clawfoot tub shower curtain, two of which are approximately equal to the length of your tub clawfoot, and two of which are approximately equal to the width. Close these four pieces of metal at the corners using wire or hose clamps create a rectangle that is approximately the same size and shape as your bath. Suspend the rectangle on the ceiling above the bathtub, install eyebolts in the ceiling beams and extend the wires from the eye bolts on your curtain rod construction. Hang the curtain rod you made. Because the curtain will not slide along the wires rod, making his business or buy a separate section of curtain for each space between the suspension wires.

Buy two 10-foot sections for 3/4-inch metal conduit. Borrow or rent a pipe bender and bend the two pieces of metal to the profiles of the two ends of your clawfoot tub shower curtain. Flat to create together the two pieces of the same shape as your bath. Move them closer or further apart until the shape they make the same size as the cockpit. Hang described the oval shape of the ceiling in the same way to the method in Section 1. Hang the curtain of your new curtain rod.

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