Diy Desk Drawer Organizer

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Beautiful Desk Drawer Organizer

Diy Desk Drawer Organizer – To keep your desk neat and organized makes being productive in your work space easier because you can find what you need faster than if you have to rummage through a messy drawer. Office supply stores sell a variety of containers that you can use to keep your desk drawers organized, but as desktop boxes vary in size, is the best way to appoint every inch of your desk drawer space to make your own drawer organizer. Build your desk drawer organizer of durable, yet inexpensive, plastic cloth.
The first step to make desk drawer organizer is measure the width, depth and height of the inside of the drawer. Measure and mark with a permanent marker two pieces of plastic canvas to the height and width of the draw, two pieces of depth and height, and a piece with the breadth and depth of the box. Cut out all the pieces with scissors. Sew the pieces together to form an open – top box the same size as the inside of the box using an overcast stitch.
Measure mark and cut a piece of plastic canvas that is the width and height of the desk drawer organizer. Use an overcast stitch to sew this piece of cloth inside the open box you created three inches from the front of the box to create a space for storing pens.  Measure, mark and cut two pieces that are the depth of the box minus 3 inches, and the height of the box. Sew these pieces in the box that runs from the back of the front tray on the back of the box. Space these departments as needed to store the items you want in the box.  Cut two pieces of plastic canvas to the height of the box and the width of one of the departments that go to the back of the box. Sew these pieces of cloth on the spot so that the parts tray into three smaller compartments for storing items such as rubber bands, notepads and paper clips. Leave the other two slots go to the back of the drawer for larger items such as scissors and a ruler

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