Don’t Leave Striped Shower Curtain For Colorful Bathroom

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Striped Shower Curtain Multicolor

Don’t leave striped shower curtain to your home by designing a colorful bathroom. Colors can brighten moods, calm frayed nerves and completely transform the look of a room. Choose two complementary colors or more shades to create a decor theme. Set a bathroom color scheme.

Choose the interior colors based on your favorite shades, the existing bathroom decor or design theme. Choose a bright red, white and navy blue scheme to create a fresh, nautical-inspired look.  Before add a striped shower curtain lets cover the bathroom walls with colorful paint. Choose a soothing lavender paint to create a relaxing break. Get creative by painting the top half of the wall of one color and the other half second.

Hang a rich color shower curtain that coordinates with the overall style of the room. Choose a red and white striped shower curtain with navy anchor design. View a green curtain with purple and white flowers. Add color with fluffy towels and bath mats. Hang pink and navy towels from a rack in a nautical-inspired bathroom. Put the white washcloths with blue and gold ship wheel design of the sink. Go with deep purple and green towels to add a spa-themed room.

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