Excellent Brass Bed Frame

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Elegant Brass Bed Frame

Brass bed frame – Paint a brass bed is an ambitious project, but you can get excellent effect if carefully follow all steps: cleaning, pretreatment, primer, paint and finish. You may want to practice first on a smaller bronze article such as a lamp, before moving on to bed frame or headboard brass. Because brass, like other copper alloys, is subject to corrosion, it is necessary to pretreat metal before applying directly paint color. Remove oil or soil with a thorough cleaning. Sand surface to remove any corrosion. Apply an epoxy primer and let it dry before applying paint color chosen. Once paint is completely dry, apply a coat of clear polyurethane finish for lasting and durable finish.

If your brass bed frame requires a thorough review, consider a business professional metal finishing. If you have a bed of solid brass, a professional may be able to restore its original beauty through intensive polished, offering a full range of polishes highly glossy to matte aged.

You may find that your bed does not brass plated and solid, easily discernible by “magnet test”; Solid brass is not magnetic. In that case, you can choose to replate bed, either brass or other metal, such as nickel. replating process must be carried out by professionals, which involves immersion in a bath with electric charge. Even if you decide you prefer a painted at either end brass bed, you may want to consult a professional. Scale of project of painting and intricate design of many brass bed frame can drip marks difficult to control for inexperienced painters. Request budget workshops local body paint.

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