Frosted Shower Doors Ideas

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Square Frosted Shower Doors

Frosted Shower Doors Ideas – Shower doors keep water from splashing into the bathroom and provide privacy for the person inside. Glass shower doors can be frosted or clear. Because the shower takes up a large part of the bathroom, the glass that covers the door plays a role in the decor of the bathroom. Take a shower door into account when decorating your bathroom.

Use frosted shower doors with chrome accents for a modern bathroom. Instead of just a border around the outside edges of frosted glass on the door, put metal straps horizontally across the shower door as an accent. Repeat use of chromium in the entire bathroom with matching plumbing fixtures, towel rack and cabinet hardware. Black tiles on the floor and dark walls will make the chrome accents pop out of the background, but white tiles and walls will make the bathroom look bigger.

White ice on the frosted shower doors enhances the feeling of spaciousness created by the white walls, and it hides the ugly shower behind it. This creates a sleek, trim appearance is seen in modern design. You too can choose Paint a shower door with decorative accents to your bathroom theme.


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