Fun Ideas Queen Size Platform Bed Frame

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Diy Queen Size Platform Bed Frame

Queen size platform bed frame – Choosing right design for a queen-size bed begins with purchase of bed. Type of bed design should work together with all other design elements in bedroom and meet functional needs in bed owner. For example, you can buy a wooden queen-size bed that fits all other wood furniture in your bedroom.

A queen size platform bed frame bed is a fun design. Platform bed in traditional style can be created with a wooden platform, eliminating need to purchase a metal bed frame. Choice of a platform bed also eliminates sound problem with steel frames, such as creaking and changing over time.

For a modern alternative to a solid wood design, bed owner chooses a wood-finish mounted on wheels. use of wheels gives bed owner visual benefits platform with functional considerations of being able to easily move bed for cleaning or rearranging room.

In order to provide additional storage space without cluttering up your room, building bookshelves in bottom of queen size platform bed frame. Create platform, so shelves are flush with edge of bed, leaving a few inches between bottom of shelf and floor to get access to shelves, even if you have thick carpets.

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