High Quality Wood Slab Coffee Table

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Wood Slab Coffee Table Plans

Wood slab coffee table has natural finish that crafted at high valued quality of wood slabs. Species of wood are available in shapes and sizes so many. Maple, redwood, walnut, myrtle, cypress, cherry and buckeye are optional with different characteristics. Organic feel can be enjoyed with unique tones of color to choose from based on contemporary trends today.

Not only for rustic and country homes, but modern and contemporary homes also favor the design of coffee table. Natural root base, large slab and contemporary wood base to custom ones are available to become your selection today.

Unique wood slab is for sure to add very interesting design and style of coffee table. I love the metal base wood slab tables. They have vintage look to add unique interest simply but very significantly.

There are wood slabs for sale at nearest home improvement stores if you are planning on building the furniture yourself. Rustic slab table is indeed very awesome to make better look and feel in the room. How to make a wood slab coffee table? Check for videos that accessible for free on youtube or other sites with videos. To get some more detailed articles, eHow will tell you how.

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