How To Build A Deck Poolside Lounge Chairs

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Poolside Lounge Chairs Lounge

Poolside lounge chairs – Relaxing around the pool with this just took cheap DIY outdoor poolside chaise longue. Many chairs retail are available, but they can be expensive and fragile. With an outdoor chair made from reclaimed pallets, you save even lose anything in comfort. This project requires minimal supplies and no special skills.

Make several and invite your friends to relax poolside lounge chairs with my instructions ideas: 1) Choice of two pallets that are clean and undamaged. Pallets from foreign expeditions tend to be of high quality. 2) Use a hammer to pound in or remove loose nails. Smoothen any rough spots that could cause splinters or take clothes with a medium grade sandpaper. 3) Apply a coat of primer for both pallet with a brush. The stain will make the pallets look better and help protect them from the weather. Allow the stain to dry completely. 4) Place the foam cushion on top and at the center of the fabric. Fold the ends of the fabric. Cut two pieces of fusible web to fit over the entire width of the foam. Put the pieces of the web under the fabric folded at the ends. Use an iron to melt the fabric to the foam. Closely bend over the sides of the fabric and fuse them to the foam. 5) Place the foam cushion on top of the pallet with the side seam down. Organize various outdoor cushions salon for comfort your poolside lounge chairs.

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