How To Cover For The Back Of Wooden Double Lounge Chair

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Double Lounge Chair Plant

Double lounge chair – smooth wooden chairs may seem unattractive or boring. To dress up the back of a chair and unify the different styles of chairs for an event, add a simple cover stitched to back with a bow. These cases through simple style blinds for covering from the back of the next front to back to back, going to the ground. Tie the cover in place using a decorative bow and wooden chair will be ready for the event. When the party is over, you can wash the covers and they will be ready for the next event.

This is instructions to cover for the back of wooden double lounge chair: Measure the backrest from the corner adjacent to the seat, at the front, up, over and down to the ground. Add about 6 cm. Measure the width of your back and add 5 cm.

Choose a solid color fabric that has been previously washed. The fabric should be neutral, resistant to stains and should arm well. Cut fabric according to the above dimensions. Stitch a double sheath 0.6 cm across the fabric. A double sheath is when bending the fabric twice so that no original edge is showing. Fold a shorter end 5 cm at the back and secure with pins. Sew a seam along the edge. This will create a 5 cm bag for cover the back double lounge chair.

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