How To Makeup Vanity Desk

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Amazing Makeup Vanity Desk

Makeup Vanity Desk – A make-up vanity table is a furniture reminiscent of the glamorous old days of Hollywood. A piece like this can add style and elegance to a bedroom, and can be easily done by transforming an old desk for a more adequate changing piece. With basic materials and implements a few tips and know-how can even woodworking novices fashion a make-up vanity from a desk.
First steps to makeup vanity desk, sand an old desk with sandpaper, remove paint or wood. Choose a color and paint the desktop. Apply a coat of wood stain with an old cloth instead of paint for a more antique effect. Let desktop dry completely. Second sew a seam around a piece of 1 yard decorative fabric so that the four lines of the fabric all have a clean line. Place a piece of cotton batting on top of the desktop, securing in place with a few drops of hot glue. Trim of any excess batting.
Third, drape the Hemmed fabric over the batting on top of the desk. Fix the fabric in place with a staple gun, insert the staples around the edge of the top of the desk so that the fabric stays in place. Last, place a desk lamp and table mirror on top of the desk. Place a jewelry box on top of a desk well and fill the spaces in the box with make-up. Your makeup vanity desk was finished.

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