How To Match A Leather Chair And Ottoman

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Leather chair and ottoman – Ideally, you should buy a leather chair and ottoman together to get the best match. It is difficult, if not impossible, to match wood tones and fabrics precisely at a later date. Furniture manufacturers change styles frequently and sometimes cannot give you an exact match to their own product in the future. But do not despair, with a little creativity and flair, matching ottoman with a chair can be fun.

Match a leather chair and ottoman; decide how you will use your ottoman. If it will primarily be used as a footstool, so it will likely remain in front of the chair most of the time. If you plan to use it as an extra seat or for storage, it cannot sit directly in front of the chair. Bring a cushion or armrest cover to the store with you if you plan to keep the Ottoman very close to the chair. Wear your pillow with you even if you plan to use the Ottoman further from a chair. Relying on memory in a furniture store can baffle even the best eye.

How to match a leather chair and ottoman, if the seat cushion has a circulation, pick a color from it. Match the color you’ve come out with a solid-colored ottoman. Look for a printout of your chair is solid. Find an ottoman that has some of the color of your chair in it. Think leather, matching fine if your chair has some wood on it. Leather games also bold colors like black or red. Leather is available in a variety of colors to coordinate nicely with your color scheme. If you cannot find the right Ottoman to pick up a color scheme in the chair, go with a contrasting color.

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