How To Save With Kohler Hand Held Shower Heads

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How To Save With Kohler Hand Held Shower Heads – Showers account for approximately 17 percent of household water consumption. Older showers use between 2 and 10 liters of water per minute, while the newer models use only 2 to 3 liters of water per minute. You will save water when you upgrade your shower head to a new handheld model. Even more important for some people, you will also save money and time. Lower water means lower water bills. The time savings you will see with a handheld shower head will be the second you straight away of the shower because you can direct the spray exactly where you need it to.

Instructions for save with Kohler hand held shower heads, calculate the discount you can expect when you upgrade your shower head to a handheld model online in the database for the state incentives for renewable and efficiency (see Resources). Check with your local water provider to find out if they offer additional discounts. Calculate the cost to replace your current Kohler with hand held shower heads. Remember to include installation fee if you should have it professionally installed. Subtract the amount of the discount (s) of the cost of replacing your shower head with a new handheld model. This is the actual amount that the new shower will cost you.

Next steps for save with Kohler hand held shower heads; multiply your current monthly water consumption by 93, 6 percent. You will reduce your current water consumption by at least 6.4 percent if you upgrade your shower head, so your new expected monthly water bill is only 93.6 percent of your current usage. Subtract your expected water bill after upgrading to a hand-held shower from your current invoice. Remember to use a Kohler with hand held shower heads allows you to save even more water than that, because you will spend less time to rinse. Share the actual cost of the new shower head (cost minus discount) with the amount of money you save each month after you install it. This is how long it takes for the new shower head to pay for itself.

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