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Beautiful Fiberglass Walk In Shower

Fiberglass walk in shower – Upgrade your bathroom by installing a fiber glass screen. These boxes are designed for easy installation in a fraction of the time it would take to redoing a tile shower. A handy homeowner can complete this project in a couple of days, including drying time. Boxes are often sold in kits ready to go to many stores and home improvement hardware. Also, since no tile grout or treat, keeping it clean shower after use it is simplified.

Fiberglass walk in shower remove the faucet and shower head. Remove old shower enclosure, including the drain pan. Clear all the old adhesive mortar below the drain pan. Inspect the drain. If you are in poor condition or looks as if it has been leaking, now is the time to replace it.

Fiberglass walks in shower palette in a layer of glue. This is usually done with a notched trowel. Check the guidelines on the glue for the first category of appropriate size. Set the new drain pan in the adhesive mortar and press firmly into place. Use the hole saw to cut openings for faucet and shower head. Applying the silicone adhesive to the back wall of the shower. Set the wall in place and embed it firmly on the existing wall. Move your hands up and down the wall to make sure the glue extends to cover the largest area possible.

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