Ideas Painting Grey Rocking Chair

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White And Grey Rocking Chair

Grey rocking chair – Grey is perfect color for painting furniture can be an experience rewarding for someone who likes to work with hands and a wooden rocking chair provides a simple canvas, but also allows you to show some style artistic staff. Whether you’re painting a newly mounted chair or an old classic, just a few basic steps will give you a piece of striking and comfortable furniture.

Grey rocking chair clean with a cloth dampened with soap and water, taking care not to wet wood too. Remove all dirt and dust. Let air dry chair until not feel more moisture, which can take up to an hour. Use a fan to accelerate drying as desired.

Grey rocking chair, rub the wood with fine sandpaper, sandpaper gently with circular movements, from top to bottom. Be careful, and into the smallest corners and folds bending the sandpaper in the middle and with the folded edge sanding. When you are sanding all surfaces, clean the dust with a clean, dry cloth. Paint from the top to the bottom of the chair moves up and down long. For smaller folds, use small ceramic brushes. It covers all surfaces of the chair with a thin layer of paint. Let the chair dry completely, which can take up to an hour. When the first coat is dry to the touch, paint a second coat and let dry completely.

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