IKEA Full Size Bed Frame Design

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Excellent IKEA Full Size Bed Frame

IKEA full size bed frame – IKEA is a Swedish company that sells furniture worldwide. Most IKEA products must be installed after purchase, using addresses pictogram. Each bed IKEA has a slightly different design, but more bed frames have a similar structure, formed by the four outer sides, a long keel and narrow diagonal supports forming a rhombus.

Prepare the work area IKEA full size bed frame, which includes the necessary and work on a carpeted surface to prevent damage to the bed or floor during assembly tools. With the help of an assistant and do not hesitate to call an IKEA store for support if necessary. Screw the legs of the bed at each end of the side pieces, using the included hex wrench.

IKEA full size bed frame insert the screws into the appropriate holes in the head but leave enough of the screw exposed to form a short plug. Block the screw heads into the slots in the ends of the side pieces to form the rectangular frame. Tighten the screws after assembly. Repeat with the footboard. Screw the rails inside the side frames. These support the mattress: Choose the bottom row of holes for a lower position or the highest rank for a high-riding horse mattress.

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