Installing Double Shower Curtain

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Corner Double Shower Curtain

Double shower curtain – As a stick to double-traditional tent, a double curtain with curved rod allows you to hang a curtain of durable shower line and a shower curtain decorative fabric. Bare curves came into fashion because they allow the owner of a house have more space inside bathtubs, a valuable asset especially in narrow tanks found in homes such as apartments and town houses. Hang a curtain rod shower double curve it is similar to hanging rod double standards, with only one significant change.

Double shower curtain patch any holes left after removing the auction of old, straight. Plasterboard smooth patches over the holes with a spatula and let it dry. The smooth sand patches and even with the rest of the wall.

Extract as the new double shower curtain in place with an aide. Hold the rod at the right height and position it so that the inner rod is about 3 inches further inwardly relative to where it was the original auction. This additional space is needed so that the shower curtain line will still be inside the tank when the curtain is closed. Mark the top and bottom ends of the rods with a pencil. Making these signs directly on the wall. Lower the double curtain rod.

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