Installing Fiberglass Shower Insert

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Beautiful Fiberglass Shower Insert

Fiberglass Shower Insert – There are two main types of bar available for the installation of a shower curtain in your bathroom, either fixed or secured with brackets adjustable tension bar a bar. If you need to hang a bar in a shower insert fiberglass, narrow your choices to a bar type adjustable tension because fiberglass is likely to splinter or crack if you try to install the supports of the bar. Tension rods are equipped with rubber tips for a firm grip against fiberglass. The bar is installed in minutes.

Measure the span through the fiberglass shower insert enters where you want to install the curtain rod. Retention in the fixed end of the rod in one hand and turn the other end extends until the required length. Measure the height of your shower curtain. You will install the rod two highest that this measure so that the curtain does not drag on the bottom of the shower inches.

Place the fixed end of the rod fiberglass shower insert near the top edge, then slide the adjustable end until it is horizontal to the floor. Hold a carpenter’s level on top of the rod to confirm it is as flat as possible. Twist the adjustable end of the rod against the shower curtain left until it is firmly wedged against the fiberglass. You can now connect shower curtain hooks on the connecting rod of a curtain.

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