Make A Single Daybed Frame

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Twin Daybed Frame

Daybed frame – A regular, solid wood front door makes a robust and unusual base for a platform, double size daybed. Furniture legs can be derived from other pieces or bought at home stores. When daybed is put together, it is a useful addition to an office or box room and turns these rooms into rooms when necessary.

Make a single daybed frame, find a solid wood, 95 cm to 2 m. It does not matter whether it is the panel or have any type of design as the top will not display when daybed is complete. Remove all hardware from the door. Sand all surfaces until very smooth. Fill the hinge holes with putty and sand again. Do not worry about the button hole. Paint or stain the door as desired and let it dry completely.

Lay the door flat with the side you want to be the underside of the bed up. Use a drill to attach four furniture legs to this side of the door. The coffee-table height furniture leg is a suitable height for a sofa bed. They are available from home stores or can be taken from an unused coffee table. This is the daybed frame.

Turn the daybed frame right side up, put it on his legs. Set a double mattress on the frame. The door will be about 7.5 cm longer than the mattress, and about 5 cm narrower. Set daybed against a wall. Either covers just the mattress with a blanket, tucking in the sides under the door, or cover the whole piece. Place the pads against the back of the daybed along the wall. Bolster style pillows work well, or reuse sofa cushions for this project.

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