Make Cardboard Desk File Organizer

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Amazing Desk File Organizer

Desk file organizer – Make cardboard desk file organizer is not difficult. First steps is remove wax paper liner from the box cereal. Cut the entire top of the box. Using a regular size cereal box that measures about 8 by 11 inches. Second, stand the box on the table in front of you with the front of the field against you. Make a dot here to mark this spot. Turn the box around so the back of the box facing upwards.
Third steps to make cardboard desk file organizer, turn the box halfway so the two marked dots are on the right and left. Fourth turn the box so the front is facing you. Turn the box around and do the same by drawing a line from the top right down to the point on the left edge.
Fifth, cut along all three lines that you have selected. Sixth cover the box desk file organizer with contact paper. Fold the edges of the contact paper inside the box to create a smooth edge to the file box. Last, stand the box on your desk or on a shelf. Drop files and folders in the file organizer. And now, your desk file organizer was done.

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