Make Solve Dining Chair Pads

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Awsome Dining Chair Pads

Dining Chair Pads – Dining room chairs can be found almost everywhere. Sometimes you will find chairs with seats missing. Usually these chairs are dirt cheap and a great bargain, but you may be concerned, you will not be able to make the chair cushion or seat to bring the chair back to life.

To make solve dining chair pads: First place the Kraft paper on your dining room chair seat and trace out the shape of the seat. Mark the location of the positions in which the backrest positions touches the seat. Add 2 inches on either side of the pattern. Second fold your finish fabric in half, face sides together. Pin pattern on the fabric and cutting the fabric. Cut two pieces of the no-fray band of a complementary color 3 meters long.

Third fold your strip in half. Insert the bond between the pieces of fabric so that the fold is on the outside. Pin the folded strip between the fabric layers so that the seam will cross over the tracks. Do this for each band. Fourth sew around the chair cushion from one band to another. Leave the area between bands open. Cut your corners and turn your cover right side out. Hug your pillow with polyfill or a pre-shaped pillow form. Top stitch along your remaining opening or hand sews the opening closed. Your dining chair pads was done.

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