Make Tufted Leather Chair Ottoman

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Exellent Velvet Blue Tufted Leather Chair

Tufted leather chair – A tufted ottoman is a decorative piece that can add style to any room and also acts as a comfortable place to relax and put your feet. Doing this object by hand at home can be a better option than buying an ottoman in a furniture store, where these pieces can sometimes be expensive. With some basic tools and materials for woodworking, you can quickly and easily create your own custom tufted ottoman.

Place a sheet 12 inches by 12 inches batting tufted leather chair on a table and then put a piece of cloth 3 1/2 feet above the batting so it is the center of the fabric directly over the center of batting. Place the four buttons in the form of a square in the center of batting. Place each button with a needle and thread, sew a stitch that passes through the button, fabric and batting. When finished stitch, pull the thread taut to create a small tuft on each button.

Hammer together for four plywood boards 12 inches by 12 inches to make a four-sided box, outdoor. The two remaining nails boards to act as a top and bottom of the box.

Place the tufted leather chair and batting piece on top of the box, so the piece of wadding is perfectly aligned with the top of the box. Twist the ends of the fabric around the bottom of the box as if you were wrapping a gift and put in place with a staple gun. Trim any excess fabric.

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