Maybe Kohler Shower Head Is Good Choice

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Waterfall Kohler Shower Head

Kohler shower head – The promise of a better shower experience and 70 percent less water has in just 18 days got thousands of people to invest millions in new shower head. A shower head can save 70 percent on water bills, while giving a proper shower experience, almost sounds too good to be true. Nevertheless, thousands of people invested in it before it is designed finished.

From time to time there is crowd funding projects that really hits the mark with ordinary people. The latest addition is the Kohler shower head, the time of writing has had more than 7.o00 people to jointly invest over 17 million on the website Kohler. Below are ideas of images about. Hope can help you to choose the right design of your shower.

In return, they have been promised the shower, which not only provides a water savings of 70 percent, but also a significantly better shower’s experience. A Kohler shower head costs around 2,000 kronor ($ 299), but with the specified water consumption of just 2.85 liters of water per minute, it can pay for itself in 3-4 months with an average Danish household of four persons if it replaces a shower with high water consumption.

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