Patio Rocking Chairs For Sophisticated And Elegant

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Amazing Patio Rocking Chairs

Patio rocking chairs – The garden at home is the place where, in contact with nature, the air, the environment, we will pause to the tireless movement of daily life and concentrate on ourselves, breathe and rest. To do ours, it is necessary to infuse our personality through details, colors and furniture.

Chairs, swings, patio rocking chairs and benches should another break, encourage us to, inevitably, throw into the abyss of contemplation and tranquility. In this book of ideas, homely presents a series of rocking chairs, some traditional, others less so, but all will invite you to relax and your dreams to undulate in the wind!

With the intention of providing a space for relaxation, rest and recreation for the owners, Ipalma Architects , Mexico, created this outer room, a little Campinas, somewhat rustic, something contemporary but with an atmosphere of tranquility unmatched!

The patio rocking chairs is a huge wicker truncated sphere, subject to a metallic structure that stands for balance, and the seat within the sphere consists of huge pillows and cushions invite only to rest!

For a sophisticated and elegant break, how about this twisty rocking chair? A delicate terrace protruding from a building concrete, sandstone, wood, glass, and throws us from the sun, can only be complemented by a refined design furniture. The rocking chair is a piece of sharp curves that resembles a dried leaf, swaying in the sun.

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