Picture Shower Curtain Ideas

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Floral Picture Shower Curtain

Picture shower curtain – Choosing the right shower curtain is essential to decorate your bathroom. Shower curtain rods and rings, however, are often overlooked when renovating the room. Instead of focusing on buying a new bath mat or getting new towels, hang your shower curtain in an unusual way to add interest to this aspect of the room.

Picture shower curtain, dual use hooks to hang a shower curtain rod instead of screwing to the wall. To do this, drill hooks on each side of the shower and rest each end of the curtain rod between the two plugs on the hook. Use a rod that is thick enough to balance between his teeth. Consider painting the coat hooks in a bright color that stands out this design element. Buy in antique shops to find old and unusual hooks. Use epoxy to add beads, fake crystals or glitter to the hooks glue.

Picture shower curtain use aircraft cable instead of a bar to hang your shower curtain. This minimal approach to hanging your curtain moves the focus to the bar and the curtain. The aircraft cable also improves the appearance of a modern bathroom because it has an industrial touch. To use, drill two wire rope clips on each side of the shower. Attach one end of the cable to one of the clips rope and stretching through the shower. Stretch well so you do not drop the shower curtain.

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