Platform Bed Frame Twin: Ideal For Small Room

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Black Platform Bed Frame Twin

Platform bed frame twin – Twin beds are commonly used in nursery since their 39-inch-wide and 75-inch-long frames lend more to size of a child than an adult. Twin beds used to be sold as a matched pair, but now many varieties available individually. Platform bed frames include a raised platform, typically made of wooden slats which support mattress without use of a box spring. This framework sits closer to ground than most twin bed frames and often have storage under mattress. Platform bed frames usually do not have a footboard.

Put a double mattress on a platform bed frame twin that will provide storage, drawers or hinged panel under mattress. Photo murals are paintings of enlarged only, easy ordering photo shops or online picture. Mural can be mounted to wall or platform bed. This is a great way to let a teenager dictates decor of room. Selection of photo carries colors for rest of bedding, walls and carpets. You can even convert a few pictures of finalist pillows.

Platform bed frame twin is advantageous in a smaller room, because it allows more storage area under bed. If you build a simple support base platform or a locked drawer possible platform, result is same. A bed frame single platform is relatively easy to build for do-it-yourselfer with right tools and knowledge.

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