Pretty And Functional Shower Curtain Rod

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Curevd Shower Curtain Rod

Shower curtain rod is staples in any bathroom. While they are functional to keep water off floor and in shower, they can look pretty boring. Fortunately, there are several tips you can use to spice up your curtains. One way to add style to your curtains is to buy rolling shades that you can use as a blank canvas. Paint your favorite designs and graphics. Use solids or stripes, one that fits your taste. For children’s bathroom, your canned mushroom painting pictures create fish, ducks or flowers.

Install curved shower rod in your bathroom. These shower curtain rod can create illusion of more space when you’re in shower. As name suggests, curved means that curtains will extend to outside of tub but actual curtain and liner can be pulled in tub to prevent water leakage. Using curved rods will also create a unique look for curtain when hanging. It creates a subtle and smooth flow of lines.

To save space in shower, you can use dual sticks. By using dual shower curtain rod, you will have extra space to hang towels and clothes. These rods mounted with hardware instead of just being attached by means of a spring tension rod. Having a place to hang your towel will be very handy for anyone using bathroom. It provides easy access without taking up too much space.

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