Restore A Seat Oak Small Rocking Chair

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White Small Rocking Chair

Small rocking chair – Even the best-kept furniture develops some scratches and chips in recent years. Small rocking chair seats are susceptible to wear due to the movement of your changing body against the seat, making the stain or paint to wear or peel off. Restoration repairs of damaged areas such seats and gives the chair a new look.

Restore a seat oak small rocking chair, Run the blade edge utility around the spindles, where the pieces meet the seat. Push back on the screws as you lift up on the back of the chair. If the axes are kept in place, then drill a small hole under the seat of the chair, in the place where the spindles seat meet. Gently tap the heads with a hammer and center. Lift the loose parts of the seat and place both the upper part and the lower part of the seat together. Apply a thin layer of wood glue for wood seat and press up and down.

Insert small pieces of cork screw into each hole and wrap the tape around the legs or arms of the chair masking. Apply a thick layer of paint remover for wooden seat. Rub the seat small rocking chair with sandpaper 220 grit, smooth out any imperfections in oak and removing any old stain.  Apply the new spot for oak seat, rubbing the stain on the oak with an old rag. Wait 60 seconds and wipe away any accumulation of stains on wood with a second cloth. Dyeing the seat of the small rocking chair the same color as the spindles and other parts of the chair.

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