Rustic Platform Bed Frame King

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Stylish Platform Bed Frame King

Platform bed frame king – Platform beds are sturdy, simple bed frames, which are typically low to the ground they are seen in many Asian style rooms and is especially suited for use with futon mattresses. Commercially available platform bed frames can cost a pretty penny, so making your own is not only good for your pocket but has the advantage of being completely customizable. You do not need to be a technical guru to make a platform bed frame.

Right 75- inch planks about 13 inches apart, resting vertically on their 2-inch side. About 40-inch planks on both ends of the 75-inch planks, making sure the ends are aligned and everything is at right angles. Bolt planks together so that there are two bolts at the end of each 75-inch plank 6 bolts in each 40-inch plank 12 bolts in total. This is the platform bed frame king.

Place two fins at both ends of the frame, with 3/4 of an inch protrude beyond the frame end. Make sure they are centered on the frame there should be about 7 1/2 inches of overhang on both sides. Bolt these planks in place, one bolt per frame plank, which are three pins at each slat. Add the remaining slats, round 1/2-inch apart so that the bolt those down in the same way as you bolted down the two first. The platform bed frame king is now complete.

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