Simple Painted Wood Rocking Chair

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Baby Wood Rocking Chair

Wood rocking chair – The rocking chairs always been linked to older people, to our grannies. But it is a very cozy chair that allows us to relax after a tiring day. If you have a room or space on the show floor it would not be bad that you hold a rocking chair to sit a few minutes every day.

We expanded the steps you have to develop to build your wood rocking chair: We will make the different parts of the rocker separately for the end assembles together. We begin with the forelegs, and then continue to the rear, which must take into account the curvature of the beam. The next step is the construction of the seat. Cut a wooden plank consistent, which can be square or rectangular. This part of the chair can be attached to the legs by nails or with a chemical adhesive.

The support most appropriate should have a slight curvature out to seek the comfort of the back. Some wooden slats reinforce the support. Post the armrest. We will have to decide the size and thickness. Once connected all parts proceed to sanding to achieve a smooth finish. We can give you a hand of varnish or paint to give our personal touch wood rocking chair.

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