Simple Rustic Bed Frame Is Timeless

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Rustic Bed Frame Wood

Rustic bed frame – rooms rustic style create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort, magic of these environments is in its naturalness, honesty of its design and spontaneity as few styles fail to do so, so if you are thinking about renewing look of your room, a good idea is to opt for this style of decoration because it is simple, instinctive and traditional, making it timeless.

Bed is definitely main element in any room, so we put special attention to detail with which we wear. Although it is ideal for cottages, because environment provides natural notes that characterize it; from a color palette in which earth (beige, brown) tones are classics to use of wood and wood tones same, as rustic bed frame style is heavily influenced-and compound-by this noble material, you can take it to city thanks to ease with which we can represent this style.

Rustic bed frame style must be in neutral walls like tones, you can include shades of brown, beige or green to give greater vitality to design. Bed can be made of wood; you can even choose to design yourself a nice header made with pallets!  In this design we see a white bed with decorative pillows bearing notes characteristic color tones (yellow, ocher, warm colors) style that highlight and give life to place. A great natural lighting through window that keep contact with nature, and wood trim everywhere, they become an ideal place for relaxation and rest.

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