Small Round Lounge Chair Minimalist

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Double White Fabric Round Lounge Chair

Round lounge chair – We do not have because to have large rooms like magazines to give them a personal touch and a style that we will feel more comfortable, so I present this small lounge minimalist. Essential is to have the walls and ceiling white, gives a feeling of relaxation, almost bare walls just above the sitting area a set of tables with white background and frame also very fine in black lacquered. Herringbone wood floor and a carpet with black diamonds and white shades, gray fabric sitting area, with different cushions, wood oval table with chrome legs.

In the all-white side wall and so there is no soda three elements, furniture under rustic round lounge chair in wicker that blends perfectly with the floor and the table, and finally a simple lamp with black screen and right in the corner is combined to give this small lounge minimalist.

We also have a small dining area where a round lounge chair of 90 cm is installed. With central base in chrome and complete with four chairs with metal legs and backrest seat in black lacquered wood contrasts with the completely classic lamp and the box of photographs of American actors.

And we end this small lounge minimalist with balcony, tiny but there is also tiny furniture for these spaces as we can see only two folding chairs and a small table with glass top, here we go back to black, and soil use tiles exterior wood.

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