Step By Step Of Convert Tub To Shower

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Elegant Convert Tub To Shower

It is becoming fashionable to convert tub to shower. The truth is that, from a certain age is much more comfortable. And not only for us, if we have is someone who is showering occasionally, with the dish the task much simpler. However, I do not know if it will be the same, but whenever I thought about changing my bath first thing that came to my mind was a complicated work that certainly ended up being very costly.

No, I was fortunately very wrong. Convert tub to shower is something we can do ourselves. Yes, but it is not a complicated process, requires work and effort. So, we will need the shower, cement and silicone. The first thing to do is remove the bathtub. We started removing the screen or curtain that we had set, using a screwdriver. Then, we close the faucet, let the faucet still little quads and dismantle the tap using a wrench to empty. It also will remove the drain valve of the tub and the plug.

When convert tub to shower, it is necessary that we remove the tiles that cover it. We have to break using a hammer and chisel. It is convenient to protect safety glasses that pieces of tile that can jump not damage our eyes. Finally, we remove the tub and ended up breaking the walls that serve as support, with the same club.  Now we only have to place the shower. We must consider whether or not we need a support base. If the thickness of the plate is less than six centimeters, we will need. We must also bear in mind that we will need tiles for the area where it was before the bath, we put them as close as possible as we can.

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