The Best Way To Clean Shower Stall Doors Track

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Shower stall doors – Shower doors are a practical alternative to curtains, and they may be more aesthetically pleasing. Shower Curtains tend to acquire considerable mildew buildup on the bottom without frequent cleaning, and shower doors do not require as much maintenance. But that’s not to say that shower doors not get dirty. The door and the track is susceptible to mold, dirt and water spots. The track needs extra attention because debris can get caught in it over time.

Lay towels down on both sides of the track to capture any moisture clean the shower stall doors track. This prevents the floor gets wet and become a slip hazard. Wipe down the track with a warm, wet cloth to remove loose dust and debris. Pour white vinegar into the slot and scrub deposits with a brush. Pour some hot water into the slot to rinse out the vinegar. Spray any stubborn stains with a lime-removing cleaner and scrub brush.

Dip cotton swabs in bathroom cleaner and dry them in the corners of the pitch to eliminate remaining dirt or deposits. For easier this tips clean the groove weekly to prevent deposits from hardening. This makes the shower stall doors track easier to clean than doing it just once in a while.

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