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Wooden Rocking Chairs – Examine any antique rocking chair that has made it through the decades in one piece, and you’ll discover a cross-section of American history. Imagine the stories would tell if it could talk!

Today, I would like to talk about the example of early country-style wooden rocking chairs, often called the Hoop-skirt rocker. They are named for the short armrest structure that allowed women hoop-skirts hiked up to the edge of the chair to rest without being disturbed. You can find these antique wooden rocking chairs with many designs, constructed of various woods. Most all of them finely made with loving care and attention to detail.

If you are looking to buy antique wooden rocking chairs, you would be wise to check the rocker feet to wear. A genuine antique rocker will have the wear and abrasion from use, and to match wood type that is used for the rest of the chair. Over time, it is easy for the feet to become brittle and need to be replaced. If you find a chair with feet that are not so worn out, or whose wood or design does not seem to match the rest of the chair, you are probably looking at a repaired rocker, and its value as an antique could be greatly reduced. So pay attention!

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