Vintage Clawfoot Tub Shower Kit

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Clawfoot Tub Shower Kit Picture

Clawfoot tub shower kit – Claw tubs are remodeling a classic choice for a bathroom. They can add charm vintage to modern spaces. The baths can have showers installed above them for convenience, and a number of new tubs with shower kits. Vintage clawfoot tub shower kit, the most common vintage clawfoot tub is porcelain over cast iron, five meters long and has a rolled edge. Various options exist, but they are more expensive than the base model.

Refinishing a Vintage Tub, You can buy a finished vintage bath. The bath is sanded, primed and painted. The finish will not be as durable as a new bath. New clawfoot tub shower kit, you can also buy a new clawfoot tub in different sizes and from many different suppliers tub. Order a new bath in specific dimensions to fit a certain location. A new bath will also provide a durable finish.

Painted clawfoot tubs are usually located in a bathroom with no shower. However, before you dismiss the bath in favor of a more versatile one, but consider adding a shower to your bath. There are clawfoot tub shower kit specifically designed and marketed to add a shower to your bath; these can be found online or in most stores. Follow the instructions in the kit to avoid any mess ups or leaks. If it is too difficult, hire a plumber to complete the task. Choose a shower curtain to fit your bath.

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